Our Story

PonchoBabyPH is the exclusive distributor of Poncho Baby US here in the Philippines. Before it was granted the right to carry its name "PonchoBabyPH", it was first known as @naturallybabyph via Instagram account, offering to public its only signature product, the Poncho Baby Nursing Cover. Given the warm welcome of expectant and breastfeeding moms, other Poncho Baby products were also made available in the Philippines. Eventually, @naturallybabyph was welcomed to the shelves of The Parenting Emporium. Because of this milestone, @naturallybabyph was granted by Poncho Baby USA the right to carry the name PonchoBabyPH on January 24, 2017.  

PonchoBabyPH is a partnership venture of Lyn Lazaro and her husband Atty. Jon Lazaro, and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the business name NaturallyBabyPH.  



Lyn is a loving wife to Jon and a dedicated mom to their three kids - Julia, Mia and Tres. Before, due to inadequate awareness on the benefits of breastfeeding, Lyn was not able to nurse her two girls. Luckily, because of social media and today's strong campaigns on the advantages of breastfeeding, she was able to provide her liquid gold to Baby Tres. Since then, Poncho Baby has been Lyn's constant partner in fulfilling her mommy duties to Tres anywhere, even at work.

Poncho Baby has no artificial fragrance and is free from pesticides, formaldehyde, Azo colorants, lead, PVC and flame retardants which are present in regular cotton fabrics. It is made from 100% imported premium organic muslin cotton fabric, hence is breathable. Because of these, Baby Tres became free from skin irritations and loved being inside the cover. Likewise, given its unique design, providing full front and back coverage, Lyn became more confident breastfeeding in public. 

Lyn brought the brand here in the Philippines to share how Poncho Baby brings ultimate convenience and comfort to every mom and baby on-the-go. This is also her way to promote her advocacy on organic living to help preserve and save our environment.